Challenge accepted.
We're ready to begin.

We're grateful you decided to start. Now the next step is to take action.
If you missed out on the Spring 2019 Challenge. Be on the lookout for info on the Fall 2019 Challenge.

How to prepare for the challenge:

Prepare Your Pantry.

While you’re at it, prep your kitchen, check your snack drawers, and audit your refrigerator. A challenge is a great starting point to really “reset” or “re-ignite” people into a healthier lifestyle. But why not start today? A common theme with successful participants beyond the 60-days is that they prepared their environments to set them up for nutritional success.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Whether it’s getting notebooks,  a fitness/nutrition tracking app, or getting a planner/calendar; or all of these things mentioned, it’s important you plan. Start auditing your schedule for opportunities that you can seize for exercise, planning and cooking your meals, and other activities. Plan for success and success attained will last!

Get stronger. Really.

At least mentally prepare to get stronger. Long term success is having access to resources that will allow you to navigate life’s opportunities. An increase in strength is one of them. Getting stronger will give you more capacity to do the things you enjoy. Your captains will be ready to help you improve your strength, a pillar of long-term success.

Share your goals.

Letting others know you are participating in the challenge will help set yourself up for success. This can prepare your “inner-circle” for the increased activity and nutritional planning you’ll be doing. Sharing your goals can pave the way for expectations in events and social interactions with family and friends, potentially keeping you on track.

Rest for results.

Recovery and rest will be a vital part of accomplishing and sustaining desired results. With your activity, and it’s consistency increasing, avoiding rest is a mistake. Injuries from fatigue and bad form can occur, even frustration can creep in. Rest and recovery keeps your mind fresh, allows your body to rebuild, and promotes good habit to stick.

Drink. Water, that is.

Increased activity means a demand on your mind and body. Know you must increase your water intake as a foundation to supporting your activities towards change. Even being slightly dehydrated can have a negative impact on you mentally and physically. Start drinking a glass of water when you wake up. It’s that important.

Next steps are coming shortly. We’re getting others started and will keep you posted.

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