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March 2nd to April 30th, 2020

Over $1,500 in Cash and Prizes

Accountability, Support, & Training

Exclusive 60-Day Challenge Classes

Specialized Nutritional Plans

Finale party May 1, 6:30pm

What is the HSAC 60-Day Challenge?

The HSAC 60-Day Challenge is aimed at providing you the coaching, motivation, and community to feel supported and educated as you work towards your best self.

You’ll receive training, education, access to fun team workouts, and one-on-one sessions with trainers. All of this aims to give you the foundations you need to move towards the best shape of your life.

What you can expect

Consistent Follow-up

Our trainers will be contacting you multiple times throughout the week in person, email, and challenge training sessions. Rest assured you will not be going through this 60-day challenge alone.

One-on-one Training

Receive a customized one-on-one coaching session to help improve your workout plan and to identify potential pitfalls. You'll receive various tools and resources that lead to success.

Team Support and Fun

Experience success through support of others in addition to your trainer. Your trainer lead team will be filled with like-minded participants, helping you reach your goals, and leading to fun on the way.

Specialized Nutrition

Participants will have exclusive access to meal plans, grocery lists, nutrition tips, one health coaching session, and one nutritional seminar by a registered dietitian.

HSAC 60-Day Challenge Prizes

Change your life and earn some great prizes.

While the main focus is getting you started towards life-changing results, it definitely does not hurt to provide fun incentives to get started on the HSAC 60-Day Challenge. You’ll have a chance to win some cash and prizes! We’ll coach you and give you practical steps that put you in the best position to maintain your results long term!

Main Category - 1: Body Fat % Lost

Grand Prize (Body Fat Category)

Grand Prize: $300 Cash + $150 HSAC Bucks

To the individual that loses the highest % of body fat.

Runner-Up (Body Fat Category)

Runner-Up Prize: $100 Cash + $100 HSAC Bucks

To the runner-up that loses the second highest % of body fat.

Main Category - 2: Lean Muscle Gained

Grand Prize (lean muscle category)

Grand Prize: $300 Cash + $150 HSAC Bucks

To the individual that increases the highest % of lean muscle.

Runner-Up (Lean Muscle Category)

Runner-Up Prize: $100 Cash + $100 HSAC Bucks

To the runner-up that increases the second highest % of lean muscle.

Sub-Category: Largest % in weight change

Grand Prize (% of Weight Lost Sub-Category)

Grand Prize: $100 HSAC Bucks

To the individual with the highest % of change in pounds lost.

Runner-Up (% of Weight Lost Sub-Category)

Runner-Up Prize: $50 HSAC Bucks

To the individual with the second highest % of change in pounds lost.

Sub-Category: Total Inches Lost

Grand Prize (Inches Lost Sub-Category)

Grand Prize: $100 HSAC Bucks

To the individual that increases the highest % of lean muscle.

Runner-Up (Inches Lost Sub-Category)

Runner-Up Prize: $50 HSAC Bucks

To the runner-up that increases the second highest % of lean muscle.

Notice: Harbor Square Athletic Club reserves the right to change the prizes offered without notice. Other prize categories to be released soon.

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60 day challenge team photo

What's included in

the 60-Day Challenge.

Incredible value for your inspiring journey.

Receive one (1) 60 minute fitness coaching session.

Have the opportunity to work with your captain or another personal trainer in getting a workout routine crafted for you or take this time to discuss questions you want answered about your strength gaining journey. Our team will work while being ready to make adjustments when needed, to better suit your movement needs.

We suggest scheduling your one-hour fitness coaching session within the first 4 weeks of the start of the program.

/// $60 value

Receive a MYZONE MZ1 Heart Rate Monitor

Get feedback on the intensity and recovery of your workouts with your MZ1 heart rate monitor.




/// $50 value

Receive one (1) 30 minute health coaching session.

Lead by Harbor Square’s own health coach, Natasha O’Brien, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss strategies that would benefit not only your 60-day journey, but beyond. You’ll narrow in on a specific topic that is important to you and get some basic understanding and action steps to move forward in the right direction.

A sign-up sheet will be released by Natasha upon the start of the challenge. Stay tuned for details.

/// $35 value

Three (3) Body metric tests with the InBody™ scale included.

After the body metric scan, you will have five more scans. Please check the “Important Dates” section for which weeks they will occur. With that said, a great value you will receive is the comprehensive information from the InBody™ scale. This will help you learn helpful details about your body composition, including body fat percentage and lean muscle mass.

/// $270 value

Access to three (3) exclusive workshops.

From nutrition planning and fundamental education to details on how to maximize your cardiovascular workouts for maximum caloric expenditure, the 60-Day Challenge workshops (live or via video) will be full of valuable information and a part of this incredible program.

/// $60 value

Access to three (3) Challenge Exclusive Events.

Throughout the challenge, you’ll be exclusively invited to three (3) challenge exclusive events to give you an additional training experience. They will be: Field Day, YoGlow, & Cycle.

/// $100 value

Access to one or more of six (6) weekly team sessions.

Whether it’s with all the 60-Day Challenge participants, or specifically with your other challenge team members, you will receive a weekly group training  (‘boot-camp’ style) workout. You’ll have access to not only your team captains time, but to five other weekly challenge group sessions, giving you great access to professional coaching and fun camaraderie.

You can expect motivation, fun, energy, and support by being surrounded by your fellow 60-Day Challenge peers as you’re lead by an engaging fitness professional.

/// Over $120 value

A ``Challenge Accepted`` T-Shirt!

The real reason you want to do this 60-Day Challenge, the t-shirt!






/// $20 value *color TBD

Consistent weekly follow-up.

Your captain will be reaching out to you each week via email, phone call, or team meeting to make sure that your questions are answered and you feel supported.

There can be several challenges along the way to better health & fitness, our training professionals will be sure to keep you moving forward!

Exclusive discounts.

As a participant, you’ll have exclusive access to 60-Day Challenge participant discounts for various services including: personal training, health coaching, nutrition consultation, cholesterol screening, movement screening, smoothie bar, and pro-shop.

We want to give you money saving value to support your journey over the 60-Days, and beyond!

Meet Your Captains